1. We would like to book two spaces for 21 days from around 15 december to the first week of January

    • Hello and thank you very much for your comment 🙂

      Sorry for the delayed response…our spam check application blocked the comment and we saw it just now.

      Please go ahead and send us an enquiry through our contact page here

      Thank you very much

  2. Hi I’m interested in the 28day retreat starting the 17th April.
    Are everything included that is listed for that price? Also the PT sessions can I choose the weight training specialist?
    Please contact me back AsAP

    • Hello Ms. Monette

      Thank you very much for your interest and comment.

      Please check your email for more info from our customer support.

    • Simon thank you for your comment

      YES! All our packages include full healthy and nutritious meals throughout your staying.

      We are eager to see you 🙂

  3. Is the ‘ $ ‘ American dollars, or has the site adjusted for location? Both Australia and New Zealand use $.

    • Rachelle thank you for your very good question.

      The currency is in USD. We plan to update the system to adjust currency depending the visitors location, in the near future.

      Thanks again.

  4. Do you :

    offer a complimentary round trip taxi from and to airport offer any promotion for 5 to 7 days package
    Offer Gua Sha, Hopi Ear, Yoga, Personal Training, Reiki, Core Unwinding, Energy Healing, or Holistic Therapy, Colon cleansing and is it included in package or extra
    What programs do you offer and what is included in the and any special discounts
    Offer Juice Cleanse – what is included in this package
    OfferRaw Cleanse – what is included in this package
    OfferFull Fast – what is included in this package
    Offer Active Cleanse – what is included in this package
    How much is the accommodation per night for a single person – not sharing room
    Are there any hidden costs or taxes
    I am stressed and gained weight so need help
    dates to arrive on either any time between 5th aug to 12th to arrive- depending on your availability